About Meee

An image of a blond person with hair falling to just below the apple of their cheek, fair white skin with slightly rosy cheeks, dark lips, green eyes, a black shirt on. The image cuts of part of the face, but all facial features are visible, images cuts off several inches below the neck. In the background there is a river, with the setting sun behind the city surrounding the river, the lights from the city are reflecting on the river’s smooth surface.

Alright, so I am going to try to keep this fairly quick.

Call me Torey, you guys don’t really need to know my last name or anything about my name other than that right now.

I use they/them/their pronouns, and identify as a biromantic, asexual, nonbinary person. That’s a lot and I will usually use the abbreviations biro, ace, nb, and occasionally refer to myself simply as bi, gay, or queer.

I will get more in depth on all of that at a later point, I am sure.

Other than that you guys can know that I am about to graduate high school (class of 2017), as of the moment I am writing this I have 3 days left. And as people from outside of the United States can already tell, I am from the USA.

Another important fact is that I have multiple invisible disabilities, and no not shy away from calling them that. I have depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Whooo… 2 mental illness and a physical disability. I know it already that I will blog about all of it so be prepared.

I am an artist, writer, and lover of binge watching things.

My posts will be a variety of sizes, some probably being a few lines, to ones that could be several thousand, plus words.


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