Pride Month

Just a heads up before reading this post, I use the word queer in here several times as a word to describe the LGBT community more entirely and more completely. If this is huge issue, please, politely, let me know, either in the comments, through my contact page, or on my tumblr.
Image description: a gradient of colors going from (bottom left to top right) purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red, with Pride Month in all capital letters in a white blocky font. The image is take from the Tumblr staff’s celebration of Pride Month.

Hello my beautiful people!

So, I just kinda got hit with the creative bug the other day and dropped everything I was doing to write this post, however, two days kinda went by before I was able to actually sit down at my computer and type up this post.

Since it was beautiful out I got out and was physically writing this post on a pad of paper. That was awesome, but ya know, not my usual way of writing, hopefully I’ll be able to do more of it this year.

Despite how much the beginning of this post has been about me, this is going to mostly be about Pride Month, and my plans for what I want to post this month. Today is actually the fourth day of this wonderful month of celebration.

I hope to do some educational stuff, like explaining why we have Pride, and why the celebrations are so incredibly important, talking about ways to help out in the queer community around you, and just general educational queer shit.

Now that I kind of have a loose (very loose) plan for what I want to focus on this month -not that I will only do that, I am going to share a little bit about Pride, and what it means to me.

To me, Pride is a bright spot in my year. No matter how shitty the rest of my life gets, I know that Pride will make me smile, laugh, and happy to be alive. It’s something I always look forward to.

I live in a smaller state, so despite not having a lot of Pride stuff to do in my state, there is a lot of stuff to do for Pride Month in the states close to me. So, this summer I will be attending on of the days of D.C. Pride, and celebrating who I am in the capitol of my country.

In all honesty, I am a little scared to go to Pride in D.C., but that fear makes it all the more important that I actually go and celebrate, and not hold myself back.

Just a brief bit of queer history, June is Pride month because of the Stonewall Riots having happened in June. Now, I will get more into them in a later post.

Pride is a time of celebration.


Because queer people have fought, lives being stole away from, and lives being surrendered by, so many of us. We have so much history that is ignored, and swept under the carpet by society. Pride is a time for us to celebrate the lives of those we have lost, and make our history known.

Most queer youth, at least that I have met, don’t know about the A.I.D.S. epidemic, and how horrible it was to our people, about the die-ins, about the Stonewall Riots, about any queer people in history, nor do they know just how much they are not alone in society or history.

Queer history and culture are rich, heavy, powerful subjects. There is so much out there that people just don’t know about. I hope to spread some of that information, and to learn new things about our culture in the process.


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