Yo! Why?

Image of a lake near dusk, in the distance there is a small motor boat that seems to have one person on it, there is a tree in the left foreground that has leaves hanging down in the top of the image, with reeds right next to the tree’s trunk.

Okey, so why make this blog?

‘Cause I’m super freaking bi. I love to bake. And more than anything, I love to learn and help teach others.

So, I started this blog since I am graduating high school this year in order to give me something to do, and to keep me writing, while I take a year off before college. Plus, in graduating I am no longer going to be in a position to meet so many diverse people who are in a place where they are used to learning. Hopefully, if you find your way to this blog, you will have an open mind that is ready to learn, if not, then no one is forcing you to stay and read.

So, with that said, I will probably treat this slightly as a personal blog, and post about art I’m making, food I’m baking, health issues I am having, and tons of LGBTQ issues and information. For the most part however, I will try to make sure that there a lot of informative posts, and I will try to make my posts as accessible as possible. This accessibility includes me trying to tag all posts appropriately, describing all images in captions, making the font larger and so easier to read, and trying to keep the colors fairly calm and muted.

Feel free to get in contact, to ask questions, or make requests. I love talking to people, and even more, I love learning about different viewpoints, and helping people understand mine. However, hate that isn’t productive, or informative, will not be tolerated.

I welcome you all, and I truly hope you enjoy your time on the blog.



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